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About Us

Begendi Industry Inc., was founded by Ertan Beğendi in Bodrum to collaborate with Turkey and the World. In 2019, He decided to put the composite product, developed and patented in 2011,into production in order to invest in the future of the industry and serve the World.

As Begendi Industry Inc., We started with a well-equipped manufacturing facility, a strong design, engineering and production department to produce our patented composite product (BGRP). We are producing newly developed ,superior quality products as an alternative to today’s production. Our vision is to upgrade the expectations in naval, construction and infrastructure sectors, create new competitive areas, and lead the industry.



Making changes to some projects can be very difficult. Any change can be very demanding and requires care. The changes can touch any part of the project, which means that the entire project is changed. In some cases, such changes take longer than the project itself.


It can be used in the same sense as stiffness. Unlike rigidity, however, it is used when it is not known what impact a change will have on the other sides of the project. Changes may cause other fields in the project to receive errors.


Nested and complex codes are highly interdependent. Because of these dependencies, the codes are not available for reuse. The reuse reduces the effort, increases the readability of the code and facilitates maintenance

Tasarım ve Mühendislik

Ertan Beğendi


The value we give to the design process is the value we give to your expectations. The first stage of our production process is a detailed design process. Our aim is to design the product to meet all needs. We start the process with a detailed feasibility study to reveal the product range of the user.

We have a broad perspective in design. We establish a strong cooperation with you in order to maintain this work in the best way.

We don’t see enough of a product just to be useful.


Bir çözümü hayata geçirmenin onu formüle etmek kadar önemli olduğunu biliyoruz. Bütünsel bir tasarım süreciyle elde ettiğimiz ürün taslağını uygulamaya koymak için detaylı bir mühendislik çalışmasına tabi tutarız.Mühendislik sürecinde amacımız ürün taslağının uygulanabilirliğini test etmek ve performansını arttırmaktır. Performans değerlendirmesinde yeterlilik kavramına inanmıyoruz. Bu nedenle ürün performans mühendisliği kavramını geliştirdik.Bu sayede kullanılabilirliği yüksek ürünler üretiyoruz.